2013 Results and Awards

Albury & Border Kennel Club Obedience Trial – 23/24 March 2013

Billie Louwrier with Jacqui & Rory attended with the following results:

Gipfel Voyage Home C.C.D. – 2nd in C.D. (190 pts)

T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa U.D. – 2nd in C.D.X. (187pts)


T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa U.D. – 1st in C.D.X. (197 pts) and taking the ring & highest score in Trial.

Corowa & District Kennel Club Trial – 4th May 2013
Gipfel Voyage Home C.C.D. – 1st place in Novice 190 pts, 3rd pass and title Companion Dog (C.D.)

Wangaratta Kennel & Obedience Dog Club
Rally O Trial – 18th May (AM/PM trial)
T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa U.D. – Rally O Novice– 86 pts (AM) & 96 pts (PM)
Gipfel Voyage Home C.D. – Rally O Novice – 97 pts (AM) & 92 pts (PM)

Obedience Trial 19th May (AM/PM trial)
T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa U.D. -1st place in Open 192 pts (AM) – HIT/HSLM/HSGSD
T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa U.D. – 1st place in Open 187 pts (PM) – HSGSD

Gipfel Voyage Home C.D. – 1st place in Novice 188 pts (AM)

Albury & Border Kennel Club Rally Obedience – 20/21 July 2013

Rally Obedience

Gipfel Voyage Home C.D.

Pass Rally Novice 87 points, giving Rory his Rally Novice (R.N.) Title

T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa U.D.

Pass Rally Novice 87 points, giving Jacqui her Rally Novice (R.N.) Title

Breed Survey

Congratulations Jeff & Martine Burgess and Millbrook Vamp AZ BSCL.1
Breed Survey 13/10/13

Congratulations Richard & Carol Mindin and Kardin Destin to Dream AZ BSCL.1
Breed Survey 13/10/13