This page is dedicated to our ‘titled’ dogs 2008 and prior …..

Tracking Champions (T.CH)

From left to right:
Gordon Cole & T.CH Kardin Ulani C.D. and T.CH Tannalane Cougar C.D.
Kerrie Pearce & T.CH Glenbala Flying Impact C.D. and T.CH Glenbala Wild Tornado C.D.
Billie Louwrier & T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa C.D.X. and and T.CH Gipfel Quanta’s Image U.D.










Utility Dog (U.D.)

T.CH Gipfel Quanta U.D.

Companion Dog Excellent (C.D.X.)

T.CH Pastoraleman Baronesa C.D.X.











Community Companion Dog (C.C.D.)

Jemfire Kalimna (Imp UK) C.C.D










Herding TitleĀ (H.T.)

Kadama Gosh I’m Posh H.T. C.C.D.











Endurance Tests (E.T.)

Martine Burgess and Kardin Loyal Lauren AZ BSCL.11 E.T.












Jeff Burgess and Jemfire Elusive (Imp UK) C.D. E.T.